About Us​

Shanghai Rayson Co.,LTD is founded in 2010, branch of Hwazon HK Co.,LTD in Shanghai is a professional sales company for motor related products.  Since founded, we have been following ‘Customer Priority’ as core value of Rayson.  Our products range covers Electric Motor and Geared motor including DC Planetary geared motor and DC/AC spur gearboxes with option of brush type motor, coreless motor as well BLDC motor. Those motors widely cover the application of window/door opener, Medical Devices, Vending/Coffee Machine and Automotive industries, Kitchen equipment as well as Home appliance, etc. 

Our core competitiveness is 
-Good Quality
-Fast Delivery
-Reasonable Price
-Quick Response
-Satisfied after-service
Our team is equipped with staffs having more than 10year experience in this industry, offering professional technical solutions and supports for your project. 

Company History:  
- Sep,2010 , Hwazon set up in Hongkong , selling motor products to overseas market  
- Nov,2011, Branch company “Shanghai Rayson” set up , sharing the export business for specific customers and handling domestic sales as well. 
- Feb, 2018, Changzhou Dongshun Motor Co.,LTD is set up producing stepper motor and BLDC motor.  
- Jan,2019, Coverting all of business to Shanghai Rayson from Hwazon, selling Planetary geared motor and Spur geared motor as core business. 

Stepper Motor, Stepping Motor, Brushless Motor, Planetary Geared Motor, DC geared motor, DC Electric Motor


  • 825
  • 822
  • 809
  • 808
  • 806
  • 805
  • 801
  • GMF6136
  • GMF7746
  • GM58DC
  • GM48DC
  • GM50PDC
  • GM50PAC
  • GM48PDC
  • GM48PAC
  • PGM-52P997
  • PGM-42SP775
  • PGM-42P775
  • PGM-36P555
  • PGM-32P3329
  • PGM-28P395
  • PGM-22P180
  • PGM-16P050
  • 85BLDC
  • 57BLDC
  • 42BLDC
  • 42BLDC
  • 36BLDC
  • 30BLDC
  • 22BLDC
  • 86stepper
  • 57Linear Stepper motor
  • 57stepper
  • 57Linear Stepper motor with brake
  • Linear Stepper motor with brake
  • 42stepper
  • 35stepper
  • 28stepper
  • 20stepper